Tim Sorrentino

Ever since I was a young boy I have had a “love affair” with music and the equipment that reproduced the real thing or that some call “the absolute sound”. This is the story of my journey to this point in my life that I started Sorrentino Design Group, LLC:

My First “foray” into electronics was by building a crystal radio somewhere around first and second grade. It amazed me that I was listening to voices and music that were somewhere far away. I listened to that thing for hours.

My parents had a “Victrola”, at least that is what my dad called it. It was a replica. It stood on legs and that had a turntable/changer in the cabinet, with a rather large nasty needle (made of metal as I recall) and  small speakers in the turntable cabinet and the “horn”. I was usually just used around Christmas to play Perry Como and other Reindeer songs.

I used my Confirmation money (around 6th grade) to get my first stereo. I believe the brand was Symphonic. it was around $175. It had a built in BSR mini changer, an 8 track (that I never used much) and came with 2 small “full range” speakers. At some point I had modified the speakers by building different enclosure with some scraps of wood paneling that my dad had laying around. Of course it sounded better than the original enclosure, of course because I had built them!  My first album on LP that I purchased was Chicago Transit Authority. I think that i got it at Menlo Park Mall from EJ Korvett and paid around $3.00 which was a lot for a kid back then.

I subscribed to many magazines back then, Boys Life, Guns and Ammo, Stereo Review, Audio Magazine, High Fidelity and a few others like Popular Science/Electronics, Life and National Geographic. I used to read many books as well like Huckleberry Finn. I loved reading reviews and the tech reports of the cool equipment that the mags presented back then.  Stuff that i could never afford. I also got quite an education on electronics and what all the specifications of the components meant and why some units were better than others.

(to be continued soon)