Kef Q65 Tower Speaker (Used)

$1,200.00 $599.00

With the new B169 racetrack bass driver in combination with the Uni-Q midrange/tweeter section, this three-way loudspeaker provided discerning listeners with a well-judged combination of subtlety and effortless high-level performance.



The new Q Series for 1997 featured some key developments in driver and cabinet technology. The 165_19 format Uni-Q array included a low profile surround that was moulded onto the cone to provide not only an improved cone-surround mechanical termination and a subsequently smoother mid-band response, but also a more continuous waveguide for the high frequency tweeter radiation. The result was a step-up in smoothness and tonal neutrality. The classic ‘racetrack’ form of the legendary B139 bass driver was reintroduced in the new B169 (6”x 9”). With a lower moving mass than the original, it allowed high sensitivity and improved dynamics in the Q65, Q65SE and Q75.

The cabinets featured a curved front baffle and all models included twin input terminals for bi-wiring or bi-amping. Specially moulded trim rings and interlocking ports, together with the semi-transparent cone of the Uni-Q array created a range of speakers with high acoustic performance matched with attractive contemporary styling.