aragon iridium monoblock (NEW)


The ultimate in amplification from Aragon, the Iridium is the new flagship Differential Monoblock Amplifier.  A natural evolution from its revered predecessor, the Palladium, two Iridiums form the heart of a serious 2-channel setup.



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Specification Primary Measurement Secondary Measurement
power output 400W into 8 ohms, mono 600W into 4 ohms, mono
THD <0.02% <0.03%
frequency response 5Hz to 20kHz +0/-0.1dB
tim/dim distortion 0.010%
s/n 112dB,A-weighted
damping factor 200, 8 @ 50Hz
input sensitivity 1W: 60mV (SE & Balanced) 400W: 1.2V (SE & Balanced)
input impedance 15kohms (SE), 45k (bal)
ethernet/RS-232 status & control of standby/on
12V standby/on control
inputs gold-plated, panel-mounted RCA jacks XLR balanced jack
outputs 2 sets gold-plated, insulated speaker binding posts
power consumption standby: 1W idle: 120W max: 1500W
physical 6.75”(17.1cm) x 19”(48.3cm) x 15”(38.1cm) 64lbs (29.2kg)
colors black or silver with satin anodized finish laser-etched logo
shipping carton 12” (30.5cm) x 22”(55.9cm) x 24”(61cm) 68lbs (30.8kg)


The new Iridium power supply is built around a massive 1.2kVA toroidal transformer feeding four 35A rectifiers and 140,000uF of capacitance. The output of the Iridium is internally wired for bridge-tied-load or “push-pull” mono operation. (An Iridium cannot be split into stereo operation.)  Other “bridgeable” designs, and similar to the Mondial Palladium, it’s predecessor, the Iridium’s monoblock operation is fixed in order to optimize power supply rails and high-frequency compensation.The fully-discrete, balanced input stage is direct-coupled to a balanced current-mirror transconductance stage and audio DC voltage is maintained at zero volts at the output of the amplifier by an updated DC-servo design.  The new Iridium features a voltage-gain stage with transistors that have lower capacitance than it’s Mondial predecessor helping ensure a broad bandwidth and fast slew rate for the new amp.  The pre-driver and output stage BJTs are paralleled and precisely hand-matched across several parameters to ensure nearly identical performance from transistor-to-transistor, channel-to-channel and amplifier-to-amplifier.  Additional protection circuitry has been added but is strategically integrated outside the signal path so as not to have any impact on sound quality.  In summary, Indy Audio Labs created the new Iridium as a next-generation made-in-America amplifier which upholds all the technical attributes the original founders at Mondial held in high esteem.