Aragon 4004II 200wpc Power Amp (Used)

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Unit needs $250 Refurbish (hums after a few minutes), Excellent Condition



Detailed Description

Aragon has produced a remarkable power amplifier…the 4004MKII. In addition to its sophisticated state of the art circuit topology, this amplifier fully embodies our philosophy of power supply design. The 200 watt per channel 4004MKII contains two separate mono amplifiers in a single chassis. A pair of high-efficiency, heavy duty torodial power transformers whose low hum fields, relatively light weight and compact dimensions make it possible to install this amplifier on a shelf adjacent to other components. Yet, it delivers all the power possible from a standard 15 amp AC line.

Power supply circuits and transformers influence sonic qualities by their ability to cope with the demands of the single handling circuitry. The dual mono configuration of Aragon stereo power amplifiers yield consistent separation throughout the audio frequency range, affecting the ability to produce a stable image independent of any power requirements or AC line conditions. Unlike almost all other amplifiers, Aragon doubles its 8 ohm power when driving a 4 ohm load, and the continuous output power continues to increase into 2 and 1 ohm loads. Hence, the model number 4004 is based on continuous watts per channel into 4 ohms.



POWER OUPUT 8 200-watts by 2-channels
POWER OUTPUT 4 400-watts by 2-channels
THD 0.05% for 8 ohm loads
S/N RATIO 110dB A Weighted
INPUT SENSITIVITY 150 mV for 1-watt output
POWER CONSUMPTION 1500-watts max