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Aragon was originally founded in the early 1980′s by Mondial Designs in New York, USA. The original Aragon 4004 amplifier was designed by Dan D’Agostino of Krell fame.

Indy Audio Labs was founded in late 2008 by three audio electronics engineers and a physicist who saw a vision for an affordable set of home entertainment products that bring together professional-grade audio performance, state-of-the-art control and connectivity, and simplified access to today’s content sources.

Like its predecessor, Mondial Designs, Indy Audio Labs designs and manufactures all of its audio components in the USA using custom fabricated parts and assemblies. Indy Audio Labs prides itself on remaining true to the original mission of Aragon – delivering the pinnacle of performance and value.

Aragon is the convergence of art and engineering executed with elegant simplicity. Aragon components are characterized by:

Extreme performance

Authentic reproduction

Elegant aesthetic

Reliable construction

Intuitive operation

From the feel of the sculpted aluminum chassis to the sound of the music, the Aragon experience is based on the reality of quality. Aragon is still fully designed and handcrafted in America and internationally acclaimed as the highest quality and finest value attainable in performance audio and video.

Aragon introduced its new line of products in 2012 to carry on the proud tradition of performance and Made in America quality and reliability. Starting with the Iridium, their flagship 400W monoblock amplifier, and the 8008 (mk III), their 200W dual monoblock amplifier, they brought back the same no-compromise, high-value approach to modern entertainment electronics perfected by Mondial Designs.

Experience one of the new generation Aragon products today:

iridium: 400W monoblock amplifier

two Iridiums form the heart of a serious 2-channel setup

The ultimate in amplification from Aragon, the Iridium is the new flagship Differential Monoblock Amplifier.  A natural evolution from its revered predecessor, the Palladium, two Iridiums form the heart of a serious 2-channel setup.

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